EXTRA: The Brexit Showdown - Day 2

MPs rule out a no-deal Brexit, and rule out an early election — for now at least. Another brief, emergency podcast, to get you up to speed on Wednesday’s events at Westminster.

Boris Johnson chances his arm, and the Commons takes back control. But the Prime Minister hasn’t given up yet in his hopes of triggering a snap election.

And, on a day of high drama and emotion, there were some signs of optimism to counter those who say our MPs are a waste of time.

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132: A Very British Coup

It sounded too ridiculous even for Boris Johnson and his gang of Brexit extremists. But it turns out he really is going to suspend Parliament for a month. The Prime Minister’s taking a huge gamble, which may well pay off unless his political opponents finally get their act together.

We try to make sense of these frantic events, why Johnson is doing it, and why he thinks he can pull this off.

Plus we explore the options for opponents of a no-deal Brexit, now that time really is running out.

131: The Gaslighting Government

Boris Johnson finally talks to some of Europe’s key power-brokers, and is given a surprising deadline to come up with an alternative to the backstop.

We assess how likely he is to meet Angela Merkel’s 30 day target, and run through the reasons why he’s almost certain to fail.

Plus the terrifying vision of post-Brexit Britain in the Yellowhammer documents, and the inevitable march towards a General Election.

We also look at the way Johnson’s government is trying to rewrite history, blaming everyone but themselves for the potential chaos to come, and effectively gaslighting the whole country.

130: I am the law

Two weeks in, and we’re already talking about how Boris Johnson could be forced from office by the Queen. It’s fair to say this is a government unlike any we’ve had before.

As the Prime Minister’s closest adviser insists they’d just ignore a no confidence vote and plough on towards a no-deal Brexit, we ask whether they’re serious about creating a full-on constitutional crisis.

Is there really no way for Parliament to stop no-deal? And if they can get rid of Boris Johnson, who’s being lined up as a potential interim PM?

Plus we enter the scary world inside Dominic Raab’s head.