Election 2017

63: Mayhem

As Theresa May clings to power, having driven her party off the edge of an avoidable cliff, we ask how long she'll last, what the DUP will demand for propping her up, and exactly when we'll need to sharpen those ballot pencils again. Plus we reflect on Jeremy Corbyn's amazing night, a bad result for Nicola Sturgeon, and an awful one for UKIP. 

60: The Final Countdown

Just a few days to go now, and the election's been turned on its head. Now it's Jeremy Corbyn who looks confident, and Theresa May who's nervous and rattled. We talk through the debates, the polls, and the prospects for another surprise result next week.

59: Don't Look Back in Anger

After the horror of the Manchester bombing, the General Election campaign resumes after a 3-day pause. We talk about the political response to events in Manchester, and the likely next months on the campaign trail. Plus the UKIP candidate who's reaching for the stars.