112: Simples

Another big week for Brexit. The Prime Minister finally admits she may not be able to take us out of the EU at the end of March. But if the last two years have got her nowhere, what would an extra three months do?

Labour, meanwhile, shifts position and backs a second referendum — but it doesn’t mean a vote is any more likely.

As if the party’s not in enough trouble, loyal Corbyn lieutenant Chris Williamson manages to cause yet another anti-semitism crisis.

107: What fresh hell is this?

Theresa May suffers the heaviest defeat any Prime Minister has endured in at least a century. Her Brexit plan lies in tatters. And yet she limps on.

A brief emergency update after the extraordinary events in the House of Commons. Jeremy Corbyn calls a confidence vote, which he will lose — but it won’t bring Labour any closer to backing a referendum.

Will we even leave the EU in March? Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin try to pick through the wreckage of the latest Brexit catastrophe.