100: The Long(er) Goodbye

In the week the UK and EU were meant to agree a Brexit deal, we reach our own milestone. Even if Europe’s finest minds failed, we at least hit the deadline for our 100th episode.

This week, we discuss another ridiculous week on the Brexit express, as we hurtle ever faster towards the buffers.

Plus, as it appears ever more likely the Saudis murdered and dismembered a journalist, will that be enough for the UK to actually stand up to them?

A report throws the spotlight back on bullying and harassment at Westminster — and the Speaker’s solution is to resign… in a year or so.

Plus we look back at some of the spectacularly accurate predictions we’ve made over our 100 episodes.

84: Spies, lies and copper coins

Britain talks tough with Russia after the nerve agent attack in Salisbury. In the latest podcast, Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin assess Theresa May’s response, and Jeremy Corbyn’s curious reluctance to “poke the Russian bear”.

Is John Bercow a bully? As the Commons Speaker faces new allegations, we look at what needs to happen to make Parliament a better place to work.

Plus we hear from one of the founders of new political party Renew, set up on a promise to stop Brexit at all costs — but is it a bit over-the-top to call Britain the next global conflict zone?

Plus Downing Street slaps down the penny-pinching Chancellor over his suggestion of scrapping the 1 and 2-pence coins — we wonder if wasn’t perhaps a rather good idea.

All that, plus we have a new theme tune — let us know what you think at twitter.com/partygamespod or facebook.com/partygamespod