Sajid Javid

129: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Boris Johnson arrives in Downing Street, his clown car overloaded with impossible-to-keep promises, and a cast of oddballs waiting in the wings.

Britain’s new Prime Minister is here to fix Brexit in less than one-hundred days, and first he has a few scores to settle.

More than a dozen ministers are either fired or mysteriously decide to spend time on the backbenches. The new arrivals have a few things in common - they profess undying love for Boris Johnson, they’re hardcore Brexiteers, and in many cases their previous Cabinet careers ended in resignation.

We look at the opening act of the Boris Johnson premiership, and wonder if he’ll ever get round to setting out an actual plan.

124: It's a Knockout

The first round of the Tory Leadership contest eliminates three also-rans, but seven potential Prime Ministers remain. Boris Johnson, and six other people likely to lose to Boris Johnson. Unless, that is, anyone can defeat the overwhelming favourite.

We compare the fortunes of the charisma-free Jeremy Hunt, the seemingly anti-democratic Dominic Raab and the near-silent Sajid Javid. Plus we question the lines Michael Gove has been taking.

We ask how far Rory Stewart can take his insurgent campaign.

Plus, what could be the last attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit in Parliament — and the potential for a full-on constitutional crisis as the Brexit deadline draws nearer.