136: Be you ever so mighty...

Boris Johnson continues his extraordinary losing streak, going from the Commons to the courts. The Supreme Court rules the Prime Minister broke the law when he suspended Parliament.

Johnson is judged by the country’s highest court to have lied to the Queen, to Parliament and the public. But there is no apology, only more powerless bluster as the Prime Minister again begs his enemies to grant him the election he desperately craves.

We work our way through the week the constitutional crisis got even bigger, and try to find a way through the mess.

Plus how Labour’s conferences endorses its inexplicable Brexit stance, and focuses on the real enemy — Tom Watson.

104: Chaos delayed (for now)

It’s a Christmas miracle. The implosion of Government is cancelled. Well, delayed. For a bit. But probably not long.

Theresa May confronts inevitable defeat in the Commons by cancelling a vote she promised would not be cancelling, and scurrying off to Brussels to renegotiate a deal she promised would not be renegotiated. Strong and stable.

We work through the madness of the last 24 hours, the increasingly loud questions facing Jeremy Corbyn, and the frankly unanswerable poser of what happens next.