Jo Swinson

135: Riding the Yellow Wave

Boris Johnson is busy hiding from booing crowds and angry voters, but his rivals dream of glory. The Liberal Democrats have a bold new policy on Brexit — pledging to scrap it without another referendum. But will it accidentally mean more pro-Brexit Tory MPs get elected.

Labour, meanwhile, sets out its latest policy on Brexit, still refusing to come off that fence.

Plus what Podiumgate reveals about Boris Johnson’s desperate desire to be loved, and how he’s knocked sideways when he bumps into angry voters.

And as David Cameron’s memoirs are published, we’re reeling from the astonishing revelations that Brexit turned out to be quite divisive. The Queen, meanwhile, is not amused.

126: Looking for Leadership

At our moment of greatest political crisis, a leadership vacuum opens up. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt trade undeliverable promises, on Brexit and bribes for voters. But how many of the people choosing between them are really Conservatives?

Labour again fails to confront anti-semitism in the party — suspending, re-admitting and then suspending Chris Williamson. So what does someone actually have to do to be thrown out of the Labour Party? And are the civil service really plotting to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.

We look too at the Liberal Democrats’ leadership campaign, which could be a lot more significant than you might think.

And the Brexit Party turn up in Strasbourg, and make idiots of themselves. Obviously.