David Davis

93: It's the Trump-pocalypse

Donald Trump arrives in Britain after a decidedly tumultuous week, just to give Theresa May another headache. 

We catch up on the latest Brexit madness as the White Paper is published, and ask if Boris Johnson was the worst ever Foreign Secretary.

And as the tiny-handed orange terror arrives in Britain, journalist Malcolm Brown tells us what America wants from the trip, while Mohammed Ateek from the Stop Trump Coalition tells us why he’s so keen to protest against the President’s visit.


EXTRA: Yes, it's chaos (again)

A special extra podcast after a somewhat dramatic day at Westminster. David Davis resigns, followed 15 hours later by Boris Johnson, as the Cabinet consensus over the Chequers Brexit plan collapses.

So what happens next? How many more resignations can Theresa May withstand? And what will the Brexiteers do, given no amount of changes at the top will alter the parliamentary arithmetic?

More to come in our next full podcast, with you by the end of the week.

73: Deal or No Deal

No deal is a bad deal. Or a good deal. Or something. With the Cabinet split on Brexit, how are we to know? We pick through another "really successful" week in negotiations, as well as looking at the row over Universal Credit, the MPs boundary changes that won't happen, plus we pause for a little mindfulness. You can find us at partygamespodcast.com or at twitter.com/partygamespod and facebook.com/partygamespod