Christopher Chope

110: Aren't we in hell already?

Once again, Theresa May kicks the can down the road, pleading with MPs to give her just a little more time. But time is running out. Maybe that’s the point. We round up the latest Brexit madness in the latest podcast.

Despite all that, Labour still find time to indulge in another internal party war. We look at how Luciana Berger became the latest target, and how leaders again failed to respond properly.

Plus the Conservative MP who can’t stop blocking moves to protect women and young girls, and we pause to consider the achievements of Chris Grayling, perhaps the least talented man to ever hold Cabinet office.

91: A Spoonful of sugar

The NHS is getting a present for its 70th birthday. It’s the money it’s been starved of for years. Apparently this is a “Brexit bonus.” Except ministers have already accepted there’s no such thing, so how is it going to be paid for? Prepare for a tax hike.

Theresa May’s hoping for positive news to end a dreadful week, where she’s been trying to keep every side of her party happy on Brexit — admittedly a close to impossible task. We explore the double-dealing that’s landed her in even more trouble.

Why has Sir Christopher Chope become the poster boy for upskirting? We try to understand what’s inside the head of the MP who managed to unite the warring Tories in disgust.

And with some kind of football tournament underway, we explore the sorry tales of politicians who’ve pretended to be fans of the beautiful game.