Election 2017

EXTRA: Yes, it's chaos (again)

A special extra podcast after a somewhat dramatic day at Westminster. David Davis resigns, followed 15 hours later by Boris Johnson, as the Cabinet consensus over the Chequers Brexit plan collapses.

So what happens next? How many more resignations can Theresa May withstand? And what will the Brexiteers do, given no amount of changes at the top will alter the parliamentary arithmetic?

More to come in our next full podcast, with you by the end of the week.

EXTRA: Theresa May's nightmare election - one year on

A dig into the podcast archives, as we look back at last year’s snap election, exactly a year after the somewhat surprising result.

While we can’t claim to have predicted the result (let’s be honest, we can’t claim to have predicted the result of any significant vote in the last three years), we did talk during the campaign about Theresa May’s stilted, robot-like performance, and Jeremy Corbyn’s seeming liberation on the campaign trail.

So, a year on from the election nobody expected and few people wanted, here’s a brief look back at how we covered the campaign in April and May 2017.

78: 2017: Year of chaos

It’s our bumper Christmas review of the year. Thrill as we look back at the election no-one wanted, learn Theresa May’s guide to guaranteed electoral success, wonder how much longer Corbyn-mania can last, and stifle a yawn as we inevitably talk about Brexit. 

69: So, the President's a racist then...

How should Theresa May treat Donald Trump, now he's confirmed his racism and bigotry? We look at a depressing, horrifying couple of weeks in the US. Back home, we're on a slow train north -- because all trains in the north are slow, and that won't be changing anytime soon. Plus the curious personality cult around Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the ridiculous displays of mourning as Big Ben is silenced.

64: The Politics of Tragedy

As another awful week comes to an end, we look at why politics really does matter at a time of tragedy, and how the Prime Minister stumbled so badly in response to the disaster at Grenfell Tower. Plus the latest on the search for that strong and stable government, the delayed Queen's Speech, and Tim Farron's sudden departure.