102: You've broken the country

The ink is barely dry on the Brexit deal, and it’s already dead in the water. As ministers flee Theresa May’s doomed government, the Prime Minister refuses to back down. But the Maybot is running out of time, and it’s clear her time in Downing Street is running out.

We look at the reasons why so many MPs on so many different sides are so unhappy with her deal, why her own MPs are moving against her, and what’s likely to happen next.

101: The Sticking Plaster Budget

Philip Hammond unveils what’s almost certainly his last Budget, and manages to find that tattered old tax cut rabbit in his hat. We look at how he’s accidentally managed to get Labour to endorse a tax cut for the richest, and covered up the fact he’s got almost nothing to announce.

In fact, the Budget highlighted just how much Labour is now setting the agenda, despite being in opposition. We search for the big Tory vision of post-Brexit Britain, and frankly we can’t find it.

Plus, as the Vegan Twitter Mob rise in up fury against the now former editor of the Waitrose Food magazine, we look at the bizarre culture in which people assume they have the right to never, ever be offended or come across any opinion that challenges theirs.

100: The Long(er) Goodbye

In the week the UK and EU were meant to agree a Brexit deal, we reach our own milestone. Even if Europe’s finest minds failed, we at least hit the deadline for our 100th episode.

This week, we discuss another ridiculous week on the Brexit express, as we hurtle ever faster towards the buffers.

Plus, as it appears ever more likely the Saudis murdered and dismembered a journalist, will that be enough for the UK to actually stand up to them?

A report throws the spotlight back on bullying and harassment at Westminster — and the Speaker’s solution is to resign… in a year or so.

Plus we look back at some of the spectacularly accurate predictions we’ve made over our 100 episodes.

99: Road to Nowhere

If Theresa May's time in Downing Street is coming to an end, she could always sign up for Strictly. We analyse what could be the Dancing Queen's best speech since becoming Prime Minister, and explain why it won't save her.

The Tories finally had some new policies to announce -- mostly stolen from Labour -- but the conference was dominated by Brexit and leadership rumours.

And that's where Boris Johnson comes in -- we explain how the former Foreign Secretary is like an arsonist who sets your house on fire then expects praise for bringing a bucket of water.

Labour's purge of its own MPs continues -- but could a rule change have unintended consequences for the Corbynistas?

And after Theresa May turned to Abba and ELO for musical inspiration, we try to find more appropriate songs.

98: Brexit’s going awfully well, isn’t it?

Jeremy Corbyn gets the rapturous reception you’d expect from a hall filled with Labour Party activists, but this year’s conference was dominated by Brexit — and Labour’s position seems no clearer now than it was a week ago.

This week Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin explore how the Labour leaders who promised to listen to ordinary members decided that didn’t apply if the members were saying something they didn’t like.

Which is a similar strategy to the one Theresa May took with EU leaders. We look at how the meeting in Salzburg went so very, very badly wrong.

Plus we hear from Dr Pippa Malmgram, author of a new book on how political leaders around the world just don’t know how to connect with the people they’re meant to lead.

All this and Vince Cable’s erotic spasm, in a fun-packed 25 minutes.