105: Merry Christmas, we’re doomed

2018 ends as it began, with a government incapable of governing, and an opposition unwilling to oppose. Only we’re in a much, much bigger mess than we were 12 months ago.

As the year draws to a close, we catch up with the latest Brexit madness, as Theresa May grimly kicks the can down the road once again, only to find Jeremy Corbyn doing exactly the same thing. It turns out they’re a lot more similar than either would want to admit.

Plus we write our end-of-year report, working out who’s up and who’s down after one of the most chaotic years anyone can remember.

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Oh, and Merry Christmas.

104: Chaos delayed (for now)

It’s a Christmas miracle. The implosion of Government is cancelled. Well, delayed. For a bit. But probably not long.

Theresa May confronts inevitable defeat in the Commons by cancelling a vote she promised would not be cancelling, and scurrying off to Brussels to renegotiate a deal she promised would not be renegotiated. Strong and stable.

We work through the madness of the last 24 hours, the increasingly loud questions facing Jeremy Corbyn, and the frankly unanswerable poser of what happens next.

103: Who'll back the doomed deal?

Another chaotic week in pre-Brexit Britain — the Prime Minister returns, not-especially triumphant, from getting her deal signed off in Brussels, and returns to Parliament, where the deal will almost certainly be rejected.

We look at the desperate efforts to persuade dozens of Tory MPs to change tack, as well as Theresa May’s sudden fondness for televised debates.

Plus we map out a strategy where the deal might — just — be approved before Christmas.

Also UKIP take on an actual fascist — it’s too much, even for Nigel Farage.

102: You've broken the country

The ink is barely dry on the Brexit deal, and it’s already dead in the water. As ministers flee Theresa May’s doomed government, the Prime Minister refuses to back down. But the Maybot is running out of time, and it’s clear her time in Downing Street is running out.

We look at the reasons why so many MPs on so many different sides are so unhappy with her deal, why her own MPs are moving against her, and what’s likely to happen next.