Michael Gove

Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all that...

It’s tempting to welcome the end of 2016, and hope it signals a change in our collective fortunes. Maybe 2017 could bring a little less lying, a little less hostility in public discourse. Maybe we could all just try a little harder. It just doesn’t seem terribly likely.

When two tribes go to war...

All this bickering, briefing, and jockeying for position is all very well if you want to be the leader of the opposition. If on the other hand you want to be Prime Minister, you have to win an election.

And while voters don't expect to like their politicians, they usually want them to at least look like they're concentrating on important matters of state, rather than just insulting each other.

Michael Gove's Cunning Plan

Michael Gove is not a stupid man. In fact, he's a very clever man. And being a clever man, he would have known just what kind of reaction his comments, carefully placed in the Daily Mail, would have.

And that's the point. Not only is Michael Gove a clever man, he's a very ambitious one. And one who probably wouldn't mind being the next Conservative Party leader.