6 Days to go: A Rattled Prime Minister

This is not how the election was supposed to go. Theresa May was meant to be cruising to an overwhelming victory over a man she has consistently derided as useless.

Yet here we are, less than a week to go, and the Prime Minister is distinctly rattled.

One poll sees her lead cut to just 3%, and while it’s far away from the rest, overall the movement is entirely towards Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn has looked more relaxed in the last few days than at any time since becoming Labour leader. His supporters always said he was at his best on the campaign trail.

Labour supporters fantasising about another shock result should pause for a moment — the odds are still on a Tory victory, with an increased majority.

But then again… what if that surge in youth voter registration was matched by a surge in youth voter turnout? That could make all the difference — if the under-25s voted in the same numbers as the over-65s. That seems unlikely.

Remember, Theresa May didn’t have to call this election. She chose to, because she believed she could crush Labour, and gain a hugely strengthened mandate to deliver Brexit on her own terms. 

She airbrushed the Conservative name from the campaign, and built a personality cult around her, despite the fact that she doesn’t really have an especially warm or appealing personality.

Mr Corbyn, meanwhile, has nothing to lose, and as he said yesterday, he’s looking forward to polling day.

What was meant to be a dull election is shaping up to be anything but. Tonight’s BBC Question Time special could make all the difference for both leaders.

Let’s all calm down

Andrew Neil’s interview with Tim Farron last night was certainly the most bad-tempered of the campaign — as well as being the least illuminating.

The two men seemed determined to bicker for the full half-hour, ignoring the viewers and providing absolutely no insight into the Lib Dem leader or his policies.

Mr Farron’s performance was weak. But Mr Neil’s forensic dismantling of party positions disappeared, replaced by petulant whining. It was a waste of everyone’s time.

And as if that’s not enough...

Donald Trump once again confirmed just how gormless he is, dismissing the Paris climate change accord as some kind of con trick to extort money from America.

The UN and EU criticised him, even Theresa May was “disappointed”. And some of America’s biggest CEOs are going public with their dismay.

But by far the best response came from France’s new president. Emmanuel Macron got straight to the point, skewering the science-denying President with a reworking of his own words.