Budget 2015: Scream if you want to go faster

The good news is that we're now just 50 days away from the election. That doesn't mean it'll all be over in 51, obviously.

But Tory MPs are hoping George Osborne can act a little bit like the guy in a fairground, who spins the Waltzers a little faster, giving their election campaign a bit of a boost.

You have to suspect there's a surprise coming at the end of his speech -- otherwise why would we already know the personal allowance is going to rise again, and the paper tax return -- hated annual visitor of the 11-million people who have to fill it in -- is to be scrapped.

A cut in National Insurance? Or VAT? Maybe nothing so dramatic -- but more than usual the Chancellor's thinking about the headlines in tomorrow's papers.

And for my next trick...

Wages are starting to grow along with the economy -- that means a rise in the amount of tax coming into the Treasury, and a fall in the amount of benefits being paid out.

It was low tax receipts that derailed George Osborne's earlier promises to cut the deficit.

Low inflation means it's costing less to service those huge debts -- suddenly the Chancellor has a few billion pounds he wasn't expecting.

It's not spare cash floating around the Treasury -- just a little less borrowing -- but it's still an opportunity to tell voters the situation's improving, and urge them to stick with the Tories.

Mr Osborne will also set out some Conservative-only plans for after the next election -- and the Lib Dems will do the same thing tomorrow -- as the Coalition's conscious uncoupling continues.

One piece of advice that I'm confident about: don't join any drinking game based on the number of times you hear the phrase "long term economic plan". Otherwise, you'll contribute very little to workplace productivity by 3pm.