What links Natalie Bennett and Madonna?

OK, that's a bizarre question. As is the answer.

Trips and falls.

As Madonna proved, what matters is how quickly you can get up and carry on. Can the leader of the Green Party learn something from the Queen of Pop?

Her Achilles heel appears to be interviews. Interviews with long silences, followed soon afterwards by less-than enthusiastic newspaper headlines.

Could this week's excruciating radio interview be a blessing in disguise? Albeit a very good disguise.

Have no doubt the Greens are feverishly trying to work out how to turn things round -- expect the apologies to stop, and a different narrative to start.

They may try to make a virtue of her apparent interviewee shortcomings, painting her as an ordinary person who cares enough about the state of the world to step up -- but not a traditional politician.

That might work -- or it might not. But, having won the battle to be included in TV leaders' debates, Natalie Bennett needs to get a lot better at high-profile performances.

So what does link Madonna and Natalie Bennett? Well, nobody's talking about who won what at the Brits, just that fall.

Similarly nobody is talking about the Green Party's policies, just that interview.

But at least they're talking about the Greens. Being talked about is a relatively new experience for the party, as is its record high poll ratings.

Could they turn those nightmare audio clips to their own advantage? Stranger things have happened...